Are you a property owner that has concerns about the foundation of your structure? Are you considering contacting a contractor for an inspection or estimate on problematic foundation conditions? Most reputable foundation contractors in Long Island such as My Foundation Repair Long Island (  will ask during your initial conversation what kind of problems you are already seeing with the foundation of your home. Before you call, it’s a good idea to do a walk-through and take inventory of any issues that may already be presenting with your foundation.


The first sign of foundation problems are usually cracks in the bricks along the outside or inside of the home. If you’re noticing cracks crawling along the foundation of your home, you need to take action immediately before your problem worsens.

Foundation repair in Long Island is common due to the climate. In severe cases, there may even be spaces between walls and the ceiling or the floors or even walls that separate from the house entirely. The image of a crumbling structure that we often see in post-apocalyptic movies is actually not far off when it comes to the damage that can be done when a foundation begins to deteriorate.

Another commonly missed sign of foundation problems includes doors or windows that don’t properly open or close anymore. Often, this is attributed to humidity or the home “settling” into the foundation. It is rare that anyone considers the probability that the foundation, itself, is in trouble.

Soon, they may begin to recognize displaced molding, cracks in the walls, or windows that rattle when someone walks past. A sloped floor is one of the most troubling signs of foundation problems. While some cases of sloped floors are easy to detect, others are not. Often, the homeowner gets used to the gradual shifting of the floor and may not even notice the slope until suddenly their furniture isn’t sitting evenly anymore, pictures on the wall hang crooked, or guests seem to get vertigo upon entry.

By the time foundation problems become so evident that our guests and neighbors can see the deterioration, a serious problem is already at play. Foundation contractors in Long Island often warn that people wait too long to do foundation repairs. A small foundation problem can quickly spread and become a much larger- and more expensive- problem to fix.

A good rule of thumb is to make regular inspections of your home to determine if foundation problems are beginning to appear. Look for cracks, sticky doors or windows, gaps, and uneven flooring. A simple leveler from your local home improvement store can be your best defense against ongoing foundation problems. Should a foundation problem occur, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional for help.

Foundation contractors in Long Island are often faced with these problems or worse. In most cases, the foundation of your home can be repaired with appropriate time and labor. Never assume that your home is beyond repair- the right contractor can get the job done. You just have to be careful of who you hire.