Being a process server in Suffolk County NY can be pretty interesting. How interesting is if you are a involved in professional process service in New York State or if you are doing someone a favor by serving documents for them

Process Server in Suffolk County NY

Yes, you can be a DIY process server in Suffolk County NY. Well, sort of. You cannot serve anyone that a defendant to you in a court case. You must either hire a professional process service or you can have a friend do it for you.


I actually had this happen to me before. The brother of a girlfriend of mine wanted to divorce his wife and marry his girlfriend. He was broke and could not afford to have the divorce documents served.  The fact he had no money for something as that should have been a warning sign to his girlfriend, but I digress.


Anyway, it was up to me to give her the happy news. Well, if she felt the same way as he did, I guess it would be a time for celebration.


It was kind of a 007 James Bond type scenario. He should me a picture of how she looked like.. We parked outside of the bar were she worked as a waitress.  I give me the paper and we want over with what I would say. I would just smile and say “Why.. your ……” When she responded in the affirmative, I would hand her the freedom ticket.


I went into the bar, looked at her and said my simple lines. My time as a process server in Suffolk County NY was really eventual. She smile back at me and said yes. I responded with a “oh here” I gave here the papers adding, “this is from John”. I turned around, and walked out of the bar.


I know some of you were hoping that being a process server in Suffolk County NY would be more eventful. It may actually be. I have not scoured the blogs to hear some of the stories that people may have. I have seen all of the “reality shows” like “Dog the Bounty Hunter” and I repo shows. While not exactly being involved in process service, I guess there is some truth to the encounters.


If any of you are experienced document servers, please share with me your experiences, whether they are good, bad or indifferent. Also, would you recommend a career as a process server in Suffolk County NY?.