Epoxy flooring in Sarasota Fl stands out from the typical floor paints in very many aspects. The epoxy contains two parts, namely the hardeners and the resinous epoxy systems. Once the two components are mixed correctly, they react with each other to form a chemical bond between the compounds and the floor. The resultant material created by the chemical bond is a vibrant, durable, strong and resistant compound. Epoxy flooring is a type of flooring surface that consists of various layers of epoxy that has been applied to the floor for a depth not less than two millimeters. Floors that have the epoxy layer less than two millimeters is known as an epoxy coating.

epoxy llooring in sarasota Florida

Options for Epoxy Flooring in Sarasota Fl.

If you are a homeowner, business owners or facility managers in the Sarasota Florida area, Sarasota epoxy flooring services provides you with a variety of epoxy flooring options. These include

  • Mortar flooring
  • Flaked coating
  • Terrazzo coating
  • CSS coatings


Flake epoxy flooring.

Flake epoxy flooring comes in an infinite variety of colors, sizes, textures, and styles that you could customize to suit any space. Flake epoxy flooring is an agglomeration of flake materials that are colored and epoxy; hence this brings out a multi-hued and vibrant look. Also, the Flake epoxy flooring has a surface that contains subtle grooves that prevent people from slipping or falling. Epoxy flake floors are suitable for use in areas such as commercial kitchens, sports venues, show-rooms, locker room and among other spaces.


Metallic epoxy flooring.

The metallic epoxy flooring gives the floor of your space the incredible and extraordinary look. Metallic epoxy flooring comes with a range of at least 20 colors to pick from and is also customizable to suit the needs of your space. Metallic epoxy coating is four times more durable than other typical epoxies and is also three times stronger than concrete flooring. Metallic epoxy coating is self-leveling and also easy to apply and work with giving your floor a shiny, incredible and extraordinary look. The metallic epoxy coating is suitable for commercial and industrial spaces. Also, metallic epoxy flooring is used in basement and garage floor coatings. Since it has the aspect of self-leveling, metallic epoxy coating can be applied to cracked concrete floors to create a durable and smooth level surface.


Epoxy flooring in Sarasota FL has brought exceptional flooring services that cut the cost of installation and flooring for up to 75%. Epoxy flooring Sarasota also provides clients with a variety of epoxy floor options that can be customized to suit different spaces according to the needs of the client.